Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Mathematics at CSUSB

Want to have a fantastic summer? What could be more exciting than conducting research in mathematics for eight weeks? And getting paid to do it?! If this sounds like fun read on--it just keeps getting better!

Program Description:
The principal goal of the REU in mathematics at CSUSB is to provide promising undergraduate math majors with a meaningful, exciting and challenging experience in mathematical research. During the eight-week residential program students will carry out guided independent and collaborative research. Research problems will come from the fields of Geometry and Knot Theory, and will be chosen in consultation with a faculty mentor. The program culminates with participants writing research papers based on their work, and presenting their results at a poster session as well as a formal seminar.

Important information you might consider as you prepare your application:

  1. Dates: June 22nd - August 14, 2020 (8 weeks)
    Please note that you will need to be present for all of those days. Please contact the director in advance if you have an extenuating circumstance or have a question about this.
  2. Please click here to be directed to a pdf that outlines some of what we look for in our participants. If you're unsure what exactly makes a good application, or if you should apply, definitely look here!
  3. Successful applicants will receive a $4000 stipend, as well as room and an allowance for board. The $4000 stipend is usually payed out in two installments. The first $1000 is paid after the first week of the program, and the remaining $3000 is dispersed on the final day of the program. Each participant is given a meal card for lunch use at our commons on campus, and two cash stipends for food are also given out. The first of these is at the beginning of the program, the second at the halfway point (i.e., after 4 weeks). There are some travel funds available, but in an effort to use these efficiently we generally need to know everyone's travel needs before we can commit to a certain dollar amount. Some of these payment schedules can be altered in extenuating circumstances.
  4. After the close of the application period, we review the applications and send out invitations in "rounds". Generally, it takes about a month to thoroughly review the applications (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter). We then send out invations and allow a reasonable amount of time for each person to respond. This process can continue for quite some time if we get a lot of no responses that don't come back right away. We will contact each applicant either way about their application as soon as there is something certain to say. However, should you have any questions or concerns about your application, please feel free to contact Dr. Dunn (cmdunn@csusb.edu) or Dr. Trapp (rtrapp@csusb.edu) at any time.

Department of Mathematics
California State University, San Bernardino
5500 University Pkwy
San Bernardino, CA 92407

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation and the California State University, San Bernardino. Participants must be continuing their undergraduate education the following Fall, and the NSF requires US citizenship or permanent resident status for any sort of participation in the program, regardless of your funding.

To Apply
Submit the following materials:

Deadline: To receive full consideration, applications should be completed by February 12, 2020. Your application should be done on this online application . If this is not possible (perhaps because of a technology issue), please contact Dr. Dunn at cmdunn@csusb.edu.
For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact Dr. Dunn at cmdunn@csusb.edu.