Welcome to the home page of Jeremy Aikin

Associate Professor of Mathematics
CSU San Bernardino


Office: JB-316
Phone: 909.537.5375
Email: jaikin "at" csusb "dot" edu


Fall 2019

Research Interests:

My general area of research is combinatorics, and more specifically, matroid theory and graph theory. A matroid is a finite set E with a notion of what it means for subsets of E to be independent . Important examples of matroids are: 1) finite sets of vectors from a vector space, where linear independence serves as the notion of independence; and 2) finite graphs or networks, where E is the set of edges in the graph and subsets of E are independent precisely when they do not contain a cycle. In general, not all matroids arise from these settings, and it is this variety and versatility that makes studying matroids so exciting.