In addition to advising, we strongly encourage you to map out which courses you will take and in which quarters. For that reason we provide sample Roadmaps to graduation. These are sample worksheets and should not be interpreted as the plan to graduate. Each student's circumstances are different. Are you a freshman, a transfer student, do you attend CSUSB full-time or part-time, do you have heavy external commitments, etc? So please spend some time creating your own plan. Remember that there is a need to be flexible since it is possible you may not be able to take a certain course when you want to.

The first course in all four undergraduate math programs is Math 211, Basic Calculus. However, you might not be ready to take that in your first quarter if you have not taken the prerequisite courses. The sample roadmaps here try to account for such circumstances. Please feel free to contact your advisor with any questions. We have different sets of roadmaps listed below depending if you came to CSUSB as a freshman or as a transfer student. Please use the blank worksheet to create your own roadmap.

Students admitted to CSUSB as freshmen

Students admitted to CSUSB as transfer students

The following plans assume that you have completed three semesters of calculus at the community college. You might even have done more such as a course in differential equations in which case the plans need to be modified accordingly.