Departmental Honors

You may graduate with Departmental Honors in addition to any University Honors you may achieve. To receive Departmental Honors you are required to:

  • Graduate with a GPA of at least 3.5 in all math courses applicable to the degree
  • Successfully carry out a four unit Independent Study (Math 595D)
  • Present the results of your Independent Study to the Department of Mathematics faculty

To carry out a four unit Independent Study (Math 595D) you first select a faculty member with whom to work. You and the faculty member will develop a plan on what to study, what text to use (if any), how the course will be graded, and what criteria will be used to award a grade. You could choose to probe deeper into an area you have found interesting, study a subject which is not covered by our course offerings, or you could choose to carry out a research project. The plan is submitted to the Department Office for approval by the faculty in the quarter prior to doing the independent study. Once approved, you will conduct the independent study with the aid of your faculty advisor. Keep in mind that at most four units of Independent Study can be applied to your degree but we encourage you to do more than one independent study if you plan to pursue a higher degree.