Academic Advising

Each fall quarter the Department holds Mandatory Advising. This starts the week before priority registration for the winter quarter and lasts for two weeks. A hold will be placed on your registration and will be released once you have met with your advisor.

About two weeks before winter registration begins, faculty members will post sign-up sheets outside their offices indicating the days and times they will be available for advising. You should sign up for an advising time as soon as possible. You select your advisor and you can choose a different advisor each year but it is probably better to stay with the same advisor.

On the day of your advising you should:
  • Print out a copy of your PAWS
  • Obtain an advising slip from the Department of Mathematics Office (JB-370)
  • Meet with your advisor at the scheduled time
  • Return the signed advising slip to the Department Office
At that point, the staff will remove the registration hold and you will be able to participate in priority registration.

We strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor at least once each quarter in addition to the mandatory advising.