Master of Arts in Mathematics - Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1

Students will acquire a broad graduate education.

Student Learning Outcomes

1.1 Students will have a graduate level understanding of geometry, algebra, analysis and problem solving.
1.2 Students will be familiar with the mathematical concepts arising in a range of mathematical areas (e.g., topology, mathematical, physics, etc.)

Goal 2

Students will acquire an in-depth understanding of a particular mathematical topic and its place in the broader context of mathematics.

Student Learning Outcomes

2.1 Students will be able to write a thesis on the area of mathematics that they have chosen.
2.2 Students will be able to give a knowledgeable oral presentation on this topic.

Goal 3

Students will develop advanced analytical and problem solving skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

3.1 Students will be able to identify and analyze the mathematical structure of a problem.
3.2 Students will be able to solve mathematical problems using advanced problem solving techniques.

Goal 4

Students will develop advanced critical thinking skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

4.1 Students will be able to critique mathematical arguments.
4.2 Students will be able to write well-supported mathematical proofs.

Goal 5

Students will develop expository skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

5.1 Students will be able to communicate advanced mathematics orally in a clear and effective manner.
5.2 Students will be able to write a clear and succinct mathematical exposition.