BA Teaching Track Mathematics - Student Learning Outcomes

Below are the program student learning goals and outcomes for the BA program. The program is assessed through different means including assessing certain student learning outcomes through evaluation of student work. A map of which courses are used to assess each student learning outcome can be seen in the BA Student Learning Outcome Map.

Goal 1

Students will demonstrate a conceptual understanding of mathematics

Student Learning Outcomes

1.1 Students will demonstrate an understanding of and apply fundamental concepts, operations, and relations
1.2 Students will make connections between mathematical ideas verbally, numerically, analytically, visually, and graphically
1.3 Students will achieve proficiency in modeling with mathematics

Goal 2

Students will attain procedural fluency in mathematics

Student Learning Outcomes

2.1 Students will correctly apply mathematical theorems, properties and definitions
2.2 Students will calculate efficiently, flexibly, and with appropriate accuracy

Goal 3

Students will demonstrate adaptive reasoning and problem solving skills in mathematics

Student Learning Outcomes

3.1 Students will choose and use appropriate tools (including technology) and strategies to gain insight into and present solutions to mathematical problems
3.2 Students will use and produce valid arguments
3.3 Students will explain and justify solutions using a variety of representations
3.4 Students will be able to reflect on and learn from previous problems
3.5 Students will be able to evaluate reasonableness of proposed results using estimation and context
3.6 Students will be able to critique mathematical reasoning, both correct and flawed

Goal 4

Students will demonstrate mathematical communication skills

Student Learning Outcomes

4.1 Students will demonstrate mathematical communication skills using appropriate mathematical vocabulary and references

Goal 5

Students will understand and produce correct mathematical proofs

Student Learning Outcomes

5.1 Students will understand correct mathematical proofs
5.2 Students will produce correct mathematical proofs

Goal 6

Students will reflect on their mathematical experiences

Student Learning Outcomes

6.1 Students will be able to analyize mathematical content of the secondary classroom, including content and practice standards
6.2 Students will connect mathematical concepts within and between secondary and undergraduate levels